10 Backward – 112 – Sub Rosa

What’s worse than forcing yourself to watch the Next Generation in chronological order? Forcing yourself to watch the Next Generation BACKWARDS!
Join your hosts Ron McAdams and James Rohling as they traverse the final frontier from “All Good Things,” all the way back to “Encounter at Farpoint” one confusing episode at a time…
This week’s episode is “Sub Rosa.” Remember that Steve Gutenberg movie where he returns to his family’s ancestral castle, and then a bunch of horny ghosts made the movie REALLY uncomfortable to watch in front of your grandparents?  It’s basically that, only with Gates McFadden as Steven Gutenberg.  This episode has some great sets, but all the ghost-bonning really pushed the limits for mid-90’s syndicated television.  Watch / listen, and then decide for yourself.  Just make sure your grandparents aren’t in the room.
THRILL as series long story arcs are presented out of context!
GASP as plot elements are half-remembered from previous viewings!
LAUGH along as your hosts find themselves out of their depth!
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